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The newest entrant in the culinary scene of Mumbai, Mexiloko is a young, modern, quick-service restaurant that plates up fiery, fresh and authentic Mexican favourites such as Nachos, Tacos, Burritos, and Quesadillas. Located in the buzzing and hip district of Bandra, it is a cosy, warm and fun space bathed in vibrant reds and greens, and doodles of sombreros, funny Mexican quotes. It's literally full of beans – and you will hate to leave!

Authentic Mexican flavours such as Con Carne, Chipotle and BBQ find their way into all classic Mexican fillings of chicken and lamb as well as vegetarian variations made using paneer and exotic vegetables. Specialties include: Mex'd up Bowls with Mexican Rice, Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla, BBQ Mushroom Tacos, Con Carne Chicken Tacos, Mex'd Up Pizza, Classic Churros and lots more!

A signature range of salsas, super-soft tortillas, crisped-to-perfection nacho chips, fresh pico, creamy refried beans, airy and light sour cream, and a deliciously rich and flavourful guacamole make the perfect accompaniments to any dish that you pick off the menu. Freshly assembled, grilled, heated and tossed in front of you, Mexiloko has introduced Mumbai to a new, modern and consistently perfected quick-service format. Comfortable packaging and a well-trained staff will ensure your experience at Mexiloko is globally on par with similar quick-service international chains – fuss- free, fresh, well-portioned, reasonably priced and uncompromising on flavour!

We also have WiFi!

our team
  • Harsh Patel

  • Deb Mukherjee

Mexiloko is a venture by Ceres Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., promoted by Deb Mukherjee, former Executive Director at JP Morgan and Harsh Patel, former investment banker with Merrill Lynch.

Harsh Patel was a former investment banker at Merrill Lynch. He also owns a premium hotel in Bandhavgarh National Park; is the owner and promoter of a construction and development company and owns a chain of educational institutions in central India. Harsh is a graduate of London School of Economics in the UK.

Deb Mukherjee was formerly executive director of JP Morgan, and has over 12 years experience in investment banking with international banks, where his primary focus has been fund raising for Real Estate and Hospitality Companies. Deb is an engineering graduate from University of Birmingham, UK.